Projects:  Construction Support Services

Construction support services are provided for all projects that involve construction, including construction of new facilities and rehabilitation of existing facilities.

Types of Projects and Components:

Types of projects and construction activities for which construction support services are provided include pipelines, storage reservoirs and tanks, pump stations, wells, flow control facilities, pressure regulating stations, diesel generators, hydro power generators, buildings, earthwork, grading, site and safety improvements, mechanical equipment, HVAC systems component, vaults, miscellaneous structures, and other similar public works facilities.

Typical Services:

Limited construction support services to a complete management and inspection services are provided as required by the clients. Services may include the following.

  • Pre-construction meeting
  • Reviewing and approving shop drawing submittals
  • Providing interpretations of the drawings and specifications
  • Responding to contractor's RFIs
  • Resident construction observation
  • Special material installation observation and testing
  • Observation reports
  • Periodic project meetings
  • Coordinating and evaluating requests for change orders

  • Review of construction schedules
  • Review and approval of partial pay estimates
  • Material testing
  • Public outreach
  • Witness start-up and testing
  • Punch list
  • Final job-walk
  • Preparation of record drawings
  • Preparation of O&M manuals