Projects:  Pump Stations - New Facilities

Pump stations projects are expertise of Perliter & Ingalsbe. Since the inception of the firm in 1946, numerous pump stations with variety of components and varying complexity have been completed by us for many cities and water districts. These include new as well as rehabilitation of existing pump station facilities.

The sizes of pump stations designed and successfully constructed by our firm range from 150 gpm pumps with 10 HP motors to as large as 42,000 gpm pumps with 2300 HP motors. Our project team has been involved in pump stations with low and medium voltage, fixed and variable speed, vertical turbine and horizontal centrifugal type pumps, diesel operated pumps and variety of standard and special features.

Typically, pump station projects include the
following major components:

  • Pumps and motors
  • Piping and valves
  • Electrical power supply - medium and/or low voltage
  • Electrical power distribution
  • Pump controls
  • Instrumentation
  • Surge controls
  • Enclosure building
  • Site development and improvement
  • Site security system

Typical Engineering Services:

The following presents descriptions of engineering services provided by our firm for many of our pump station and similar projects.

  • Planning and Preliminary Design:

    • Review of (or perform) hydraulic analyses.
    • Determine size, type and number of pumps
    • Determine required auxiliary components
    • Determine alternate locations and preliminary layouts of the proposed facility
    • Identify required permanent and temporary ROW
    • Identify required permitting
    • Prepare Preliminary Design Report (PDR)
    • Prepare preliminary plans
    • Identify required special features

  • Design:

    • Acquiring detailed survey maps
    • Obtain site specific geotechnical and geo-seismic reports
    • Pump and motor
    • Yard piping and valves
    • Surge control devices
    • Electrical equipment, including switchboard, MCC, and VFD
    • Instrumentation and controls
    • Lighting
    • Structural design of buildings, vaults, retaining walls, and other similar structures
    • Site development including grading, drainage, access roads, security, fencing, etc.
    • Temporary traffic control
    • Landscaping and irrigation system

  • Preparation of Drawings, Specifications, and Cost Estimate

  • Coordination with Vendors, Utility Agencies, and Permitting Authorities

  • Construction Services:

    • Supporting the bidding process
    • Reviewing and approving shop drawing submittals.
    • Providing interpretations of the drawings and specifications.
    • Resident construction observation.
    • Coordinating and evaluating requests for change orders.
    • Conducting pre-construction and progress meetings.
    • Review of schedules and partial pay estimates.
    • Material testing.
    • Assisting during start-up and testing.
    • Preparing record drawings.

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