Projects:  Water Storage Tanks & Reservoirs - New Facilities

Planning, design, and construction management of new and rehabilitation of existing storage reservoirs are the forte of Perliter and Ingalsbe. For more than six decades of service to local cities and water districts, Perliter & Ingalsbe has been involved in providing a full range of professional services for new and rehabilitation of existing concrete and steel reservoirs ranging in size from 0.2 MG to 18.0 MG (two adjacent 9.0 MG) with a combined capacity of over 300 million gallons.

These projects include a variety of structures and materials including the following:

  • Partially or fully buried cast in place concrete reservoirs
    • Reservoirs with storage capacity up to 18.0 MG
    • Rectangular, square, circular, and irregular shapes
    • Reservoirs with straight and slopping hopper style bottoms
    • Reservoirs with concrete lined and cast-in-place structural and non-structural bottom slabs
    • Reservoirs with cantilever, fully fixed, and partially fixed perimeter walls
    • Reservoirs with internal partial and full diaphragm walls creating two chambers
    • Reservoirs with concrete fixed and free roof systems, wooden framed roof with metal cover, and aluminum truss roof with aluminum cover plates
    • Reservoirs with concrete and stainless steel columns
  • Partially or fully buried pre-stressed concrete circular reservoirs
  • Aboveground welded steel circular tanks
    • Aboveground circular steel tanks with storage capacity up to 7.0 MG
    • Tanks with bolted and welded steel structures
    • Tanks with and without concrete ring beam and anchors
    • Tanks with steel knuckle and cone roofs
    • Tanks with aluminum dome roof without interior columns

Typical Engineering Services for New Tank and Reservoirs:


  • Determine size and required bottom and top elevations through review and analysis of system hydraulics, water demands, fire flow requirements and adopted storage capacity criteria.
  • Assist client to determine type of reservoir to be constructed depending upon the available budget, aesthetics, owner’s personal preferences and other similar factors.
  • Perform reservoir siting study.
  • Perform CEQA compliance process.
  • Identify required permanent and temporary ROW for the proposed facilities.
  • Identify required permitting.


We provide complete design services for reservoir and tank projects, including services in the field of civil, mechanical, structural, electrical, instrumentation and landscaping. Design includes the following major tasks.

  • Acquiring detailed survey maps.
  • Obtain site specific geotechnical and geo-seismic reports.
  • Preparation of Preliminary Design Report.
  • Site development including component layout, grading, drainage, access roads, security, fencing, etc.
  • Defining structural system and design criteria, and performing structural calculations for reservoir structure.
  • Locating and designing reservoir appurtenances.
  • Design of piping and valves, including inlet, outlet, drains, overflow sub-drains and related vaults. Piping materials include steel, PVC, HDPE, ductile iron, etc.
  • Design of vaults, retaining walls and other miscellaneous structures.
  • Design of electrical power supply system, including electrical service from a public utility company, circuit breaker, conduits, conductors, lighting, etc.
  • Design of controls, telemetry and instrumentation.
  • Design of cathodic protection system for steel tanks.
  • Design of temporary traffic controls.
  • Design of site improvements, such as, pavement, curb, gutter, drainage system, fences, and gates.
  • Design of landscape and irrigation system.
  • Design of site security components.

Preparation of Drawings, Specifications, and Cost Estimate

Coordination with Vendors, Utility Agencies, and Permitting Authorities

Construction Services:

  • Supporting the bidding process.
  • Conducting pre-construction meeting.
  • Reviewing and approving shop drawing submittals.
  • Providing interpretations of the drawings and specifications.
  • Responding to requests for information (RFIs) from the contractor.
  • Providing continuous and periodic construction observation as required.
  • Providing special inspection for coating, painting, welding, etc.
  • Coordinating and evaluating requests for change orders.
  • Conducting pre-construction and progress meetings.
  • Review of schedules and partial pay estimates.
  • Providing material testing.
  • Assisting during start-up and testing.
  • Preparing record drawings.

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