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The engineering teams at Perliter & Ingalsbe have designed and saw to construction over 800 miles of water distribution, water transmission, wastewater and reclaimed water pipelines over the years.

Our long-term involvement in the water industry has provided our company and project team with extensive experience in the designing of pipeline ranging in size from 6" through 84" in diameter and using a wide variety of pipeline materials including:

  • Welded steel with mortar or special coating and lining
  • Welded steel mortar lined and tape coated
  • Steel cylinder rod wrapped concrete
  • Prestressed concrete cylinder
  • Polyvinyl chloride
  • Ductile iron
  • High density polyethylene
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Vitrified clay

Special design challenge situations such as highway crossings, flood channel crossings, corrosive soils, high utility congestion, high groundwater, sensitive land use areas, etc. are not unusual for our projects. To meet these challenges, we have implemented the use of construction methods such as jacked steel casings, microtunneling, pipe bridges, installations within bridge cells and concrete encasements, and other special construction methods.

Typical Engineering Services for New Pipelines

Engineering services may include the following:

  • Planning and Preliminary Design:
    • Determine size through review and analysis of system hydraulics or as provided by the client.
    • Perform preliminary routing analyses and evaluation and provide recommendations for preferred and alternate alignments.
    • Evaluate different types of pipe materials and provide recommendations.
    • Identify required permanent and temporary ROW for the proposed facilities.
    • Identify required permitting.
    • Perform CEQA compliance process.

  • Design:
    • Acquiring detailed survey maps.
    • Obtain site specific geotechnical and geo-seismic reports.
    • Pothloing of existing utilities.
    • Utility search.
    • Horizontal alignment.
    • Vertical alignment.
    • Design for special installations including highway crossings, flood channel crossings, corrosive soils, high groundwater, and sensitive land use areas. These may include design of jacked steel casings, microtunneling, pipe bridges, installations within bridge cells and concrete encasements.

    • Pipeline structural and trench design.
    • Pipe protection systems, including mortar, liquid epoxy, fusion bonded epoxy, tape wrap, polyethylene wrap, petrolatum wax tape, and concrete encasement.
    • Corrosion protection devices.
    • Pipeline appurtenances including manholes, air-vac valves, blow-offs, isolation and control valves, fire hydrants, flanges, flexible couplings, backflow preventers, outlets, and pipe supports.
    • Site improvements including asphalt and concrete pavements, landscaping, irrigation, and others as required.
    • Concrete vaults for valves and appurtenances.
    • Temporary traffic controls.

  • Preparation of Drawings, Specifications, and Cost Estimate
  • Coordination with Vendors, Utility Agencies, and Permitting Authorities

  • Construction Services:
    • Supporting the bidding process.
    • Conducting pre-construction meeting.
    • Reviewing and approving shop drawing submittals.
    • Providing interpretations of the drawings and specifications.
    • Responding to requests for information (RFIs) from the contractor.
    • Providing continuous and periodic construction observation as required.
    • Providing special inspection for coating, painting, welding, etc.
    • Coordinating and evaluating requests for change orders.
    • Conducting pre-construction and progress meetings.
    • Review of schedules and partial pay estimates.
    • Providing material testing.
    • Assisting during start-up and testing.
    • Preparing record drawings.

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